07.11.19 | Doing It For Me

To say last month was eventful is an understatement. We kicked off our brand NEW line of elevated candle scents and hosted not one but TWO events to commemorate the occasion. In a cozy and dreamy loft in Marina Del Rey, we co-hosted an intentional self-care event with the incredible Safiya from the I Am Well Community. We set intentions, meditated and got deep all in the grounded, tranquil scent of the AMAN candle.
I was so moved by Safiya’s story and how she came to create the I Am Well Community. Safiya is a former TV producer who founded this holistic wellness community after a high anxiety experience. Through yoga, meditation, plant-based nutrition, and a variety of holistic wellness practices, she healed herself and invited others to join her on our journey. I Am Well was born and continues to offer a sanctuary for female creatives, entrepreneurs and professionals to connect with each other. We were honored to have been invited to share her experiences. 
It was a beautiful evening with an intimate group of women - open and ready to drop into what each other needed and came with vulnerability. Through guided meditation and journal sessions, we set intentions for the final half of 2019 and talked about how to manifest, create, harness and let go.
Throughout the night, we burned a candle from our newest collection - AMAN inspired by the deep, calming experience of meditation. It is created with scents of smoke and incense to help achieve the deep introspection and closeness with oneself necessary to set meaningful, sincere intentions. This group of women opened up and shared their journeys, goals, and plans for the future. The room had powerful energy stemming from the close bonds when everyone shared their story.
We ended the night with a sip and mingle session for everyone to get to know each other further. We were lucky to have Prophecy Wines and Tea Drop who sponsored the event with wine and tea.
All the ladies who attended went home with an organic cotton tote, a sample of AMAN and a few other journaling goodies provided by Cozier Studios as a memento of the evening and a way to help them relive it again. 
Create your own magical self-care night in the comforts of your own home:
  1. Set the mood with your own AMAN candle or scent that speaks to you. Remove yourself from distractions and find space to be alone.
  2. Meditate or take 5 minutes or more to quiet your mind through deep breaths and gentle, loving thoughts.
  3. Journal about everything that comes up. What are you feeling? What thoughts and worries are coming up? What do you hope to take in and what do you want to release? 
  4. Set an intention and release it out into the universe.

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