07.24.19 | DIY Crystal Infused Candle

Our second wellness-centered event in July was truly special and one we definitely plan to do again! We hosted an intimate crystal-infused candle creation workshop and guided meditation in bustling and vibrant Dogpatch San Francisco. All in all, it was a total sensory experience for a cozy night in with a beautiful group of women.  
The purpose of this event was to showcase the magic in each of our unique selves symbolized by crystals and personalized scents that ignite the spirit within. It was a night of intention-setting and finding appreciation in where we are on each of our personal growth journeys. It was finding appreciation in how candles, crystals and other energy healing tools can help uplift us and call our intentions into reality. 
Co-hosted by the beautiful and inspirational Christine Singh (@christinetlu). Christine has been working in the PR world for over a decade and recently decided to pursue her true passion that is rooted in wellness. She is manifesting her true talent by bringing people together to make magic happen via curated experiences that empower people to access their inner joy through arts and crafts, journaling, guided meditations, cooking and more. She made our night so special with the energy she brought and created a sacred sanctuary for everyone who attended to open up and share from the heart.
Together, Christine and I held space for an intimate group of women all coming straight from work on a Wednesday off the chaotic streets of San Francisco. We made introductions and enjoyed drinks sponsored by OLIPOP and small bites.
The ladies had a chance to settle into the calmness and read all about the crystals we had available for them including Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Amethyst and Citrine. They each choose one that spoke to them. 
After introductions and crystals were chosen, everyone created a custom scent through a variety of woodsy, fruity, sensual, earthy, and floral scents. Each person made their candles in our signature Cozier Studios handmade ceramic jars of their choice.
And while we waited for the candles to solidify, we charged the crystals with intentions and positive energy through a guided meditation led by Christine and then set them into the candle. 
By infusing your candle with a crystal, it has the ability to emit the intended energy into your home or space. Once you’ve fully enjoyed your candle down to the last flame, you can remove the crystal and follow this guide to cleaning and repurposing your jar.
Charge your space and bring your intentions to life with sacred energy tools, such as:
  • Sage, Palo Santo or other “smudge” tools - cleanses and purifies the air and energy of a space
  • Crystals - harness the energy of the life-giving elements available to us on Earth and the universe
  • Candles - create a sensory experience that has the power to alter your current state of mind
  • Anything else that speaks to your heart! 
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