11.07.19 | Holiday Crystal-Infused Candle Making Workshop

After an incredibly transformative and beautiful DIY Crystal Infused Candle Making workshop in San Francisco, we decided to bring the experience to LA! This was the largest workshop we’ve held to date with a full house of over 20 women creating an intimate space in the midst of bustling West LA. 

Our intention with this event was to help draw the end of the year consciously to a close with holiday intentions and call forth what was in our hearts and souls through crystals, meditation, and personalized candle creations.

We hosted our Holiday Crystal Infused Candle workshop at HeyDay Beverly. HeyDay is a skincare company on a mission to help people discover more about their skin and love it. While they offer skin consultations, facials, treatments and sell a highly curated selection of beauty and skincare products, they specialize in giving people realistic and holistic skincare tools. They make skincare wellness accessible to anyone. Their space at HeyDay Beverly was the perfect cozy backdrop for a magical evening. 

A group of women arrived for the ultimate night creating, sharing, supporting and manifesting. This workshop was all about reflecting back on 2019 and setting intentions for the New Year. We chose crystals and charged them with our hearts and intentions. After crystals were chosen, everyone created a custom candle, the Cozier way, through a variety of sensual, grounding, floral, and earthy scents. Each person made their candles in the signature Cozier Studios handmade ceramic jars of their choice. While waiting for the candles to solidify, we charged the crystals with intentions and positive energy through a guided meditation led by UnitedOther - the creator behind our Ritual Kits. We set our charged crystal into the candle, creating our own crystal infused Cozier candles!

The act of infusing your candle with a crystal emits the intention + energy of the crystal directly into your home or space when you light the candle. Once you’ve fully enjoyed your candle down to the last flame, you can remove the crystal and follow this guide to cleaning and repurposing your jar.

We provided a variety of crystals for our attendees which you can learn more about here. Let us know which one you would choose and share your intentions with us for 2020! Make sure to tag us on Instagram (@cozierstudios).

Pink Botswana Agate: grounding heart healing and releases limitations

AAA Blue Kyonite: balances and clears all chakras, releases negativity

Carnelian: energy booster; awakens one’s passion, inner fire and creativity

Sordonyx: protection and strength, absorbs negativity, alleviates depression, overcomes hesitancy

Tiger’s Eye: protection, confidence, enhances focus, clarity of sight, brings in strength and practicality

Clear Quartz: amplifier of energy, seeds of hope and renewal, amplifies your heart’s desire while bringing balance and alignment

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