Calming the Mind & Creating Zen While at Home

The world that we knew is changing. We feel it is our job to help lift your spirits and set the mood while you practice social distancing and stay home. During these uncertain times, we take comfort that we are in this together. We look forward to a world that is more conscientious, kinder and compassionate. A world that is more connected and does their part in healing Mother Earth. Until then, we’ll stay safe, calm the mind and create zen through the coziness of our home. 

Some call it Hygge, we call it Cozier. 

You’ll feel more relaxed and at-ease at home once you create a space that is meditative and conducive to practicing mindfulness. It’s easy to stay calm, grounded and zen when you’re in a relaxed, comfortable environment. We’re sharing some of our favorite ways to calm the mind and create zen in your home.

The Use of Candles & Aromatherapy

Scent stirs up a powerful response in how you feel and connect to a space. Aromatherapy is a loved practice for instilling relaxation from essential oils, diffusers and our favorite - candles. Adding calming scents to your home is an instant way to help you connect to the present moment, find calmness and relax. 

When you add natural scents into your home - all of which are featured in the Cozier Original Collection - you can feel grounded instead of other harsh faux-scented candles. Natural scents help you to stay mindful throughout the day, which is especially great while you WFH and are also shown to help produce a more restful sleep and enhance daily grounding and meditation practices. 

Here, at Cozier, we are still open and shipping to support you and enhance your home! We thank you so much for supporting our small business during these times and will do all we can to continue to uplift you through calming, scents made from natural, vegan and non-toxic candles. We also want to do our part and we’ll be donating 10% of ALL our sales to the LA Food Bank and COVID-19 Response Fund - find out more here:

Other Ways to Create Zen at Home

1. Simplify and Cleanse Your Home
    Marie Kondo had it right when she said to keep only the things that spark joy. When you’re at-home you want to feel inspired by the things that fill your home. A minimal space is a zen space.

    2. Aim for More Natural and Calming Colors
      If you couldn’t tell we love an earth-toned color palette and it’s because these colors are known to inspire mindfulness and create serenity. When you bring more natural and soothing colors into your space you’re inspiring a more relaxed state of mind.

      3. Start a Journal Practice or Write a Card to a Loved One

      Journaling can help to release pent up thoughts and emotions directly on the page. Start a morning journal practice on new Journal Collection by Wilde Paper House now available in our shop! A minimal journal that serves as a function as well as a special artistic piece that you connect to. Or, write a note from our curated selection of Greeting Cards to a loved one to let them know you’re thinking of them through these times and feel more connected in the process.

      4. Create a Dreamy Getaway Indoors
        While you may not be able to travel the world at this time, there’s no reason you can’t bring wanderlust to you. Cover your home with plants and art that inspires you. Create a vision board of your next trip for when this is done. 

        Thank you for all the love and support, Cozier community! We would love to hear what you love most about our goods in the comments below or tag us on Instagram using #LiveCozier!