Celebrate All the Moms in Your Life

Though you don’t really need an excuse to celebrate all the amazing mothers in your life, the calendar-sanctioned holiday is a great reminder to do just that. We have the privilege of women in our lives who act as a role model, support system, healer, mentor or companion and whether that is someone who birthed you or has simply been there at various stages of your life journey - they deserve to be honored. A mother is a woman who’s inspired, encouraged and loved you. A mother can be a teacher, boss or friend and it could also be the one who gave you life.

It’s clear all the women in our lives who raised us deserve a little extra love and attention next Sunday, but why we celebrate Mother’s Day goes a bit deeper. Mother’s Day was first created in 1908 by Ann Reeves Jarvis in light of her mother’s passing as a way to honor sacrifices mothers made for all their children. Jarvis sought to make it a national holiday as she believed many American holidays leaned toward the celebration of male achievements; she urged the nationwide celebration of this holiday to honor motherhood. It became an official U.S. holiday in 1914 and has been celebrated across the nation since, sometimes as a vessel for feminist campaigns and causes.

No matter what kind of mom you’re celebrating this year, here are five unique ways to spread the love and adoration for all the moms in your life.

Mother's Day Card

Write a letter.

Every moment that we’re away, moms miss us - even in this highly connected modern world. A handwritten note in a beautiful card to the mom in your life captures your spirit and the love you feel. When she misses you most dearly, she can use this letter as a talisman filled with your unique magic. Every word bears the mark of a hand she created, a lasting impression more powerful than any text or email could be.

Take her on a trip.

Traveling is one of the first sacrifices many mothers make when their children are born. Building a home is a tremendous and beautiful achievement, but it can keep mom from seeing the world and meeting new people. Planning a trip with her shows her your gratitude and gives you a chance to bond. New settings reveal new sides of the people you travel with, so this gesture may teach you more about the woman you look up to more than you ever knew before. Maybe this is a weekend getaway to a local mountain hideaway, a road trip across states or a day trip to the spa - quality time is time well spent to the woman who means so much.

Act of kindness.

Do you remember the day you realized that moms get tired too? Or when you first saw your mom make a mistake and understood that no one is perfect, not even her? Finding any way to make a mother’s life easier lets her know that you see her imperfections and love her all the more. Whether it’s fixing that nagging issue with her car or doing the laundry while SHE watches TV, acts of kindness tell mom that she raised you to be thoughtful and kind. That’s all she ever wanted.

Cook (and share) a meal together.

Cooking is a special kind of creativity in that the art literally nourishes the artist. A chef puts their soul into their food, transforming and reabsorbing it with proud delight. What better metaphor is there for the joy of motherhood? By cooking a tasty meal with your mom, you can share with her the rare pleasure creating something that tends to both the body and the soul.

Artisanal and specially created gift.

Everyone appreciates a gift, but one that is built by the hand of a dedicated artist tells its recipient that they are special. It’s held even more close to the heart when it showcases the beauty of the mother in your life. Find mom a candle that carries her favorite scent, is as lovely as a piece of art, and tells her, “this belongs to you, and like you, there’s nothing else like it in the rest of the world.” You don’t have to be an artist yourself to give mom something that feels like it was made just for her.

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