Finished Burning Your Candle, Now What?

Copper Room

During the cold winter season, candles become a staple in your home and it’s 100% OKAY to have one in every room. In fact, it’s highly encouraged. Candles transform and uplift the space you’re in through the aroma, calming light and cleansing energy released off of it. Lighting a candle can instantly soothe your mood at the single light of the flame. Choosing a candle that emphasizes the coziness and aesthetics of your space only punctuates the serenity of the experience when you use it.

While the cold outside pulls you into a deeper cacoon indoors, you can find yourself burning candles in your home nonstop. Soon enough, your Cozier candle completely burns out. This is bittersweet because though your candle is finished you’re able to pick out a new candle and maybe try a new scent (maybe Aura for its floral scent) but also have the opportunity to breathe new life into your candle by repurposing the jar it comes in.

There are countless ways to reuse a candle once the flame had its last burn. Cozier candles are especially easy to reuse because of their simplistic, versatile and thoughtful design. 

Here’s how to clean out a ceramic jar:

  1. When your candle is down to its last half inch of wax, use a spoon to remove the wax and wick from the container.
  1. Wipe out an excess wax using a bit of hot water and dish soap. Instead of tossing out the extra wax, put it on your hands as a scented moisturizer. We only use natural wax and oils so it is completely safe for the skin. Note: Never run it through a dishwasher and always handwash!
  1. Repurpose your candle jar with some of the ideas below and admire your new piece of art in your cozy space.

Our favorite ways to reuse the ceramic jar:

  • Chic planter: for your new succulents, flowers or plant.
  • Mug: for all your matcha lattes, coffee, and tea.
  • Makeup brush or vanity essentials: Get your bathroom or vanity under control and utilize it as a makeup organizer or cotton swab holder and more.
  • Office Supplies: Dress up your desk and use it as a place for easy-to-access pencils, pens, scissors etc.
  • Jewelry & accessories: Collect rings, earrings, and other precious items

Repurposing means that you get to give your candle a second life and also do your part in living a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Cozier candles are created to be individual pieces of art for you to enjoy long after the flame is gone. No two jars are exactly the same and each has YOUR story to tell. Since Cozier uses 100% natural coconut wax and natural wood wick, it’s simple and easy to clean it out and put it to new use.

What ways do you plan to reuse your ceramic candle once it’s finished burning? Let us know by tagging us on Instagram using #LiveCozier.