How to Find Your Ideal Scent

Everyone is unique and has their own aesthetic and personal style. What lights you up from the inside out may be completely different from your best friend, family member and partner. Shining your you-ness is the beauty of being human. It’s sharing your story and connecting with others on a deeper level. It opens up your authenticity just by the way you carry yourself, speak and show up to the world.

In our studio, you’ll find no candle exactly alike. We find joy in enhancing the artistic soul that exists in everyone. We’ve crafted blends of distinct scents to speak to who you innately are whether it’s a woodsy outdoor enthusiast; a sun-soaked radiant soul catcher; an adventurous vagabond; or a soft, luscious romantic. We create candles that tell your personal story, all you need to do is bring life to it.

A signature scent combines your childhood memories, the friends and family in your life and the dreams you aspire all in one transformative aroma. A fragrance can wash over skin, clothes, in rooms and hang softly in the air around you. Yet, finding your ideal scent can prove to be difficult. Sure, you can look to Marie Kondo and find whatever, “Sparks joy” but is life ever that simple?

The journey in finding a perfect scent that speaks to you from the heart is half the fun. Enjoy the excitement in discovering what embraces all that you are. Here are five tips for finding your ideal scent.

  • Create a mood board
  • A mood board is a place for inspiration and helps to get the creative juices flowing. You can create one on Pinterest, Canva or old school with magazine cutouts. The point is to create a board of images, words, quotes, etc. that speak to your personal style. Use lots of color or little to no color. Use a ton of images or only words. At the end of your project, you’ll be able to pull together a central theme or find a correlation between strong elements on your board. Guess what? That’s your style. That is your spark.  

  • Understand different scent categories

    There are many different types of scents our there from smoky to citrus and floral. Learning all the types and what each represents can help you narrow don’t what you do and don’t like. Here’s a basic breakdown of the main fragrance categories.  

    Musk: Normally musky has not-so-pleasant connotations, but here it means more of a freshly washed laundry scent.

    Smoky: Imagine campfires, cedar or a blown-out match.

    Citrus: Oranges, lemon, lime - just like your favorite spa.

    Woodsy: This can range from sandalwood and nature smells to spicy and dark scents like your grandfather’s flannels and cigars.

    Green: Freshly-cut grass or the thick smell of a wheatgrass shot in a juice shop.

    Floral: Floral includes everything from white florals (gardenia, lilies, etc.) to roses, violets, and so much more. Romantic, soft and serene.

    Aquatic: Think your favorite fishtank and saltwater breezes.

    Oriental: Incense with either spicy or sweet variations.

  • Start with a lighter scent
  • If you’re not sure where to begin, it’s best to start with something easy on the nose like soft or musky scents. It’s recommended to go from musky to citrus to fruity, florals and then to heavier woods.

    With Cozier, if you’re looking a more soft and serene scent then perhaps start with Aura for a lighter touch.


  • Try out multiple scents at a time
  • At first, try everything! You don’t really know what speaks to you until you try it. You can also let your mood board guide you and pick many scents that align with your personal style. If your mood board was full of bright color and adventure try bold scents with smoky and oriental profiles like the Nomad Cozier candle. If your mood board was clean, simple and minimal try floral or aquatic scents like Vivre Cozier candle.

  • See how a scent develops after 2 or more hours
  • Once you’ve found a scent your initially happy about it’s a good idea to see how it transforms over time. Light a candle of your new scent and leave it burning for a couple of hours. Top notes usually last 20 minutes and then the heart of it comes in and lasts for most of the burn. Does it still make you happy and transport you to that state of bliss, comfort and serenity?

    Finally, embrace your new scent!! You did it!! Buy candles, perfumes, soaps and sprays in that scent family. Welcome guests in your home by lighting a Cozer candle made up of your ideal scent and immediately set the mood.

    A small note. Just as your likes and dislikes transform over time so does your perfect scent. That’s okay! Refresh your scent every few years and continuously check in with yourself. You want a scent that instantly makes you feel good and embraces what you’re all about.

    Do you know your ideal scent? Learn about the Cozier scent profiles here and tag us on Instagram using #LiveCozier.