PARAFFIN is widely used in candles because of its low cost. However, paraffin wax is derived from petroleum. When it is burned, the paraffin releases unhealthy toxic airborne chemicals making it unsafe for anyone breathing it.

BEESWAX was a great alternative until recently. In the past few years, colony collapse disorder has affected a record number of hives. Honeybees have been dying at a rapid rate and the population has not been able to restore itself. While it might be a viable alternative in the future, currently beeswax is not a sustainable option.

PALM WAX is a natural, non-toxic wax that was once sustainable like beeswax. However, it is no longer sustainable because it is contributing to deforestation and deeply affecting endangered species and their habitats.

SOY WAX  is the next best natural wax. If it is not grown and harvested responsibly, soybeans often contain harmful pesticides and fertilizers resulting in the contamination of drinking water. The soy wax we use is 100% natural, grown and harvested responsibly in the USA.

COCONUT WAX is produced from cold-pressed coconut meat. Coconuts have a high yield and crop renewal per acre, making it a sustainable product. They are also eco-friendly to harvest and non-toxic making it safe to inhale. For candles specifically, coconut wax melts quickly to give you the clean and even burn and it also throws scent very well. Learn about our candles here.  

Verdict? Coconut wax is the best!