Where are the candles made?

Right here, in sunny Los Angeles, California.

What are your candles made out of?

Learn more here.

Why are your coconut wax candles blended with soy wax?

It is minimally blended with soy wax to help solidify the coconut wax at room temperature. 

Why is my candle different than the photo?

Due to the handmade nature, each jar might differ slightly. Every jar is meant to be one-of-a-kind. What's the fun in having the same candle as everyone else?

Why is there more/less wax in my candle jar?

We purposely created each jar to be one-of-a-kind so no two jars are exactly the same. So for that reason, the jar may be wider or taller so the wax filled up differently. We made sure each candle contained the same amount of wax so whichever jar you receive, it'll burn just as long.

Why do you only have 8 candles?

Patience! We will get there with your support. Please share our products with your family and friends!

Do you host private events, accept custom bulk or wholesale orders? 

Yes, we do! Please send us an email. 

Got more burning questions? Email us.