Cozier candles are sustainable, guilt-free and we use uncompromising premium ingredients only.

Smells good
Cozier candles are original conversational pieces that are meant to evoke a feeling through the luxurious yet comforting scents. The scents are thoughtfully custom blended to achieve maximum warmth and coziness wherever you burn your candle. Some call it "hygge", we call it Cozier.


Our candles use only premium waxes that are 100% natural, responsibly grown and harvested. We use premium coconut wax that is minimally blended with soy wax to help solidify at room temperature. Cozier candles contain absolutely no paraffin, parabens, and preservativesThe wick is 100% natural wood, sourced from native, sappy fruit trees - perfect for that campfire crackle. 

Ceramic Jar

Unlike many traditional candles in an ordinary glass jar, our candles are set in a one-of-a-kind ceramic jar. It is not just a candle, it is a thoughtfully designed piece of art. We give life to all our products and want you to continue telling that story after your candle has had its last burn. Reuse the beautiful ceramic jar for a plant, to hold your accessories, for lattes and 

Give it a new life and keep your story going.