Cozier /kō-zē-er/ (noun)
A feeling that evokes the senses and creates warmth, contentment and undeniable happiness.

Growing up, my mom made the most delicious meals with garlic, spices, and everything nice. What wasn't nice was the lingering smell that stuck around in our home day after day - sorry, mom. Every time I invite my friends over, I would light a candle to hide the smell. It became a natural obsession discovering the best-scented candles on the shelves. Living in a different city now, I definitely miss the homecooked meals and cozying up on the couch every night after dinner with my family. When I light a scented candle, I reminisce the comforting quality time spent living in my childhood home.

Even now, candles are a must-have item in my household. Whether it’s to cleanse the smell of last night’s dinner or to create an ambiance in a room to feel a little Cozier. Like many, the scent is usually the key indicator when deciding to buy a candle, but have you considered what’s actually in it? It’s okay. We don't often think about what the things we buy are made of.  Because I burn candles so frequently, it became especially important to buy candles that not only smells amazing but made of high quality ingredients. I decided to do research on some popular candle brands on the market and learned a few things:

1. Many “premium” candles were made with toxic paraffin or unsustainable waxes.
2. Comes in the same glass jar that ends up in the trash after a single use.
3. Lack of transparency in ingredients used. What do the “blends” actually consist of?
4. High price points vs. the low-quality ingredients like using paraffin and costs $90usd. 

Being informed and mindful about what goes into the candles you use is equally as important to what you feed your body or use on your skin. In my research, I realized that most candles on the market are made with the inexpensive paraffin which is derived from petroleum. Yup, you read that right - the same ingredient in gas and diesel. Inevitably, I discovered that coconut wax is 100% non-toxic and also sustainable. The air you breathe gives you life. I certainly didn’t want myself or my pup to breathe in toxic chemicals. To burn candles that were crafted to true premium quality and at a fair price, I decided to create them.

This was how it began.

Cozier Studios creates and curates conversational pieces inspired by art, travel and wellness. We strive to make any space a little cozier through sensory experience - from smelling comforting scents, hearing the sound of a cracking wooden wick, to an eye-catching handmade ceramic jar. 100% natural, vegan, non-toxic and sustainable coconut wax candles created without paraffin, parabens, pesticides and phthalate. Guilt-free and uncompromising premium ingredients only. You can confidently burn our collection of candles knowing that it not only looks and smells amazing but is clean to breathe in. Feel a sense of home wherever you are in the world.

Discover the collection and begin your story.